The I Love Me Project was founded by Lydia Unsudimi in 2012. At the tender age of 17, Lydia knew that she wanted to make a change in her community after observing how young women in particular viewed themselves and the pressure they put upon themselves to look "perfect" and constantly strive for an unrealistic goal of beauty. 

During high school, Lydia experienced various forms of bullying. One incident in particular resulted in the birth of a huge insecurity which changed her life. After guidance and encouragement from her parents, Lydia decided she would no longer let her insecurity rule her life and wanted to help other young people reach a point where they too could beat their insecurities and be confident. This passion developed into "The I Love Me Project."

Lydia is a professional singer/songwriter, artist, motivational speaker, young advisor and activist. The I Love Me Project stands out because it fuses all of her passions in one to create a unique and fun experience that educates, entertains and inspires people to accept who they are.

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