We are so thankful to have Kieran Bond as our volunteer graphic designer and photographer. Kieran helped us get our logo going and designed the heads used in our branding. On top of being professional, concise and efficient, Kieran shares similar values to us and is on board with The I Love Me Project! 

More about Kieran:

Kieran is a 21 year old graphic designer and illustrator. He is currently studying graphic design at De Montfort University and has Asperger's Syndrome.  Kieran is aiming to do a final year project involving photography aimed at getting employers to learn what it is like for a person with a disability and how they can help them use the skill set they have or learn new skills with ease and without discrimination. He wants to be able to work with disabled people to show their strengths using photography and feels our project can help him achieve that.

You can check out more of Kieran's work at:

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20th October, 2018


Our Founder has been asked to go to Parliament next month as a City Of Sanctuary ambassador to talk about the affects of not being able to work whilst waiting for residency/papers in the UK.

Thousands of asylum seekers/refugees die in the process and we are joining the fight to change the system. Soon there will be a vote on whether the UK should allow them the right to work while waiting for stay.

How You Can Help?

You could simply send a short email stating that you support and recognise the idea that asylum seekers and refugees have a lot to offer to UK society etc.


Your contribution would help change the world one step at a time.

MP’s Email:

MP’s Address: 
Floor 10, 60 Charles St,�Leicester, LE1 1FB